Okay, that is not what I mean by not being “in the mood.” What I mean is I am not in the mood to create. I really think I am pretty much an un-diagnosed bi-polar. My mind was going crazy today on what all I wanted to create, then I got overwhelmed and couldn’t do anything!! Jewelry, painting, writing, and then I became paralyzed. Oh well, I did write some tonight and drew some but didn’t like it, So now here I am writing on my blog that doesn’t seem to be showing up on my author page, if you are so inclined you could see if it works! Sincerely Shana


I hate to admit that my right brain is the one that does most of the work. I am horrible when it comes to business, accounting, etc. I would like to just write, create and let someone with a great left brain take care of the business angle of things. I got a message from Amazon that I messed up on something. Took me forever with help to figure out how to fix it. I had visions of being put in prison, being sued, being chastised for being so ill equipped to handle this business. Anyway when in doubt ask for help, thanks to Danielle Raver who has turned out to be a great friend and a God send to me! She helped me muddle through. She also told me not to say I am stupid. That Amazon is confusing. I hope you hear this and read this Amazon, you are confusing!!

I am so excited to have Goodbye Norman Rockwell published through Amazon. You can get it as an ebook or as a paperback. My biggest concern right now is my stupid password. I jumped through hoops to get it changed and am afraid that I will not be able to remember it. Supposedly it is saved! Geeesh, I know they have to be careful but this is ridiculous!!

I hope you like it, and remember it is a novel. I have borrowed from many different people’s stories, including my own.

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