What can I say? My God, another death. That is two that I know of just within two days. This is after hearing that a friend’s son-in-law’s brother lost 3 children in a house fire and only one survived. He is in the hospital and his wife is inconsolable. She was helping rescue the children from the window. I can’t even imagine that kind of grief. Another friend lost her husband and I found out today that a another good friend has cancer. It just doesn’t seem to end. I know as we get older there is more people who we love who will get sick, die and go through other horrible things.
It is important to know we are all in this together. We need to help others. Try not to be afraid of saying the wrong thing. Don’t try to fix it or cheer someone up who is grieving or going through hell. Just tell them you love them, are praying for them, and even sometimes, just say, “I don’t know what to say.”
The only remedy for the bad things is to try to do something good for someone, that person or someone else. Sometimes it doesn’t help to tell someone that it will get better, maybe just say, you only have to get through this, minute, hour, day, and I will hold your hand if you want me to.
Then there is my Uncle who is going to be 101 on Monday. He is blind,in an nursing home, still waiting for the rapture because he is afraid to die. It might sound cynical to say that if the rapture hasn’t came yet, chances are he isn’t going to be in a physical body when that happens.
That is too long to live, as far as I am concerned, unless you are healthy, and have quality of life, like a delightful 91-year old friend, Ann, who still loves life, people, and is still helping others. She is fun and loves to joke and is an exemplary example of Christianity. She is a ray of sunshine in the clouds of despair, heartache, sickness and grief.
Life is hard. Sometimes I think the older we get, the more we realize that. I don’t know how anyone can do it without God, a Higher Power, or something greater than themselves to reach out too. That and friends. Chocolate helps too, only joking, kinda.
On that light note, I am going to bed. God bless us all, no exceptions.

To be honest I haven’t done much today, which is Sunday. We went to church and to lunch and then came home. I binge watched Greenleaf and after taco salad, for dinner, I continued to watch more tv. And you know what? It is okay. It is so hard for me to allow myself to just take care of myself and rest, especially after yesterday.

After going to a meeting in the morning and having a quick lunch at home. I went to the Survive to Thrive workshop. We made handmade books. I should say we worked on them, better yet, “created” them. I have more in mind in what I am going to do with mine next week. It was a great bonding time with others and Kortney Malone is an amazing art therapist. We met in Ellen Ridenour’s studio, which has a charm all of its own.

I came home finished putting together the taco salad for the potluck. We took off for the karoke and potluck at Apple Road in Osceola. It was so much fun. We discussed recording our books on audio with M.J. West of West Studios. Sang with each other and alone. I sang Betty Davis Eyes by myself. We laughed, ate and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Terri Housour and Michael Harding and all who put it on. Michael, aka Moon Wolf, is donating a percentage of his shirts, CDs, and book about his adventures on tour to buying land for the Thunderbolt Chickamunga tribe in Saracuse. There will be other fundraisers to help with the purchase. I will also help with that too.

I forgot to add we also went to see Diane Hunter talk about the Miami tribe at the Rush Memorial Museum in Bristol on Thursday night. It was very educational. No wonder I am tired. No writing at home or art today just rest and binge watching TV. Now it is time for bed! Love to all.

I know this is extremely boring. I have had no energy to work on my sequel to Making a Multiple Personality because I feel horrible. I have been singing the praises of Airborne, which I really do think has helped me not get colds or flu for over two years. I may have everything else wrong, like arthritis and a bad neck and back and allergies, but I haven’t had a cold like this in a long time. I didn’t go to church and missed the Valentine’s Dinner. I hate missing church and it good to hear I was missed and I appreciated Mike bringing a plate of food home to me and candy from Ma Kime. You would think at least a little perk of having a cold would be a loss of appetite, not me!

Lynn and I had a great time at the Apple Road Grand Ole Opry concert. Michael Harding, Sheila and the boys are amazing. They played for almost 3 hours. It is a monthly event and they are trying to keep the church alive. They are hurting financially and Michael Harding and the band must be doing this all pretty much free. When I get fliers I will post them. They also are trying to start up karaoke again. We absolutely love that. We don’t care if we make fools of ourselves, what we may lack in talent we make up for in heart and the absolute joy of doing it.

Also, they have a million dollar studio downstairs, and you can rent it for recording for $55.00 an hour. I will seriously consider doing my books on audio, starting with Sins of Our Mothers. My reading voice leaves a lot to be desired, but hey it is my story. I just don’t know how long it will take to record it. Any writers that are interested I have information for you and also musicians. The church is up for sale, which is a shame and I will do what I can to support them to be able to afford to keep it.

I might not have done any writing on my book but at least I added to my blog! Good night all and feel free to say a little prayer for my recovery from this nasty cold.

Happy birthday to my husband. These are some of the things that I love about him. We both have a tendency to be workaholics. That is not always a good thing. I believe it is an addiction, and unfortunately, society rewards it. It can take a toll on your health, cause stress, which again takes a toll on your health. Now that I am older, and he is too, we don’t have the stamina we once had. I like the saying that we are human beings, not human doings. That is supposed to make us feel better about not working ourselves to death.

I remember my Aunt, Uncle Dean’s wife that he married after Aunt Olive died, saying at 97, that she didn’t understand why she was still alive. That she wasn’t important and was worthless because she couldn’t do anything anymore. She was a workaholic too. I told her that God wasn’t done with her or she would be in Heaven. I can understand why she felt that way and that is sad. Our elderly people, yikes, of whom I am now one, are not respected like they should be. When I am referring to elderly people, I mean, like really elderly people. I have not accepted that I am there yet. Wow, I have really digressed. Back to my husband and what I am grateful for about him. I am grateful for a lot of things about him, but this in particular lately.

Many times I will say, that I didn’t do much of anything, that I took a nap or just watched TV. He says, ” That’s okay, you must have needed it.” He never tells me I should do more, or criticizes me about not getting something or other done. I don’t think he has ever raised his voice to me. He is playful and loves to tease, sometimes a little too much, ha. We go shopping for groceries together now that he is retired and helps me with putting them away and all that entails. I do plan on keeping him until death do, or is that does, us part. Anyway, I am taking him to dinner tomorrow to Red Lobster and I will tell him again how much I appreciate him. Come to think of it, this makes a pretty good birthday card.

I always look forward to having snow days. I can do anything I want. Sleep in, watch movies on Netflix, write, paint, talk on the phone, bake. But when it actually happens I get lazy and it isn’t as fun as I think it should be. I have been in the house now for three days and I am ready to get out of here. Kind of. I have gotten a few things done, but I haven’t been in clothes since Monday afternoon. Come to think of it, I wasn’t home all day on Monday. I had a wisdom tooth extracted. So I have only been housebound for 2 and a half days. It would be more fun too if I didn’t worry about all of the homeless, the animals that aren’t being cared for and those who have to be out in this horrible weather. I also heard about a family who has had frozen pipes and a furnace that isn’t working. Both spouses work and a teenage son and they still can’t afford to live a decent life. I know this is just one of many. I am grateful that we are okay but I am concerned for all that arent. God bless everyone. Pray for those who are less fortunate and those who are dealing in this hellish cold.

Not really, I don’t have writer’s block. I am just feeling lazy. I did write a little though so I am ready to get down to business and work more on my book. The problem is, I don’t want it to be work. I want to enjoy it. I do usually enjoy writing and painting but this time of year seems to suck the creativity out of me. It isn’t as bad as it was last year or some years previously but it is hard for me to get started after the holidays. It is really cold and we are lucky we didn’t get hit with the snowstorm that many others have around the country. Oddly enough other parts of the country and world have had weather like they have never had before, which has been really bad. We have had weather like we have never had, which is a good thing. We have had an easy winter and I am grateful for that. Only a couple of months to go and it will be spring. As you can tell my writer’s block is not over because this is extremely boring. So I think it is time to go watch a little TV before I go to bed.

I am not very good at adding links or all the technical stuff, so I am adding the link to The Making of a Multiple Personality in a separate post.

You can find this book at Amazon in ebook format or paperback.  You can also find my other books at Amazon. Although Healing Spirits is not edited as well as I would have liked, my bad, I really like the story. It is a  paranormal story but it has romance and mystery in it. I personally think it would be a great Lifetime Movie. It is really creepy but still has romance in it. What is a story without romance in it? But as a reviewer said, it isn’t gushy. I really can’t stand really swoony, gushy romance books. It is quite titillating though if I do say myself, although not too graphic, not pornographic, bleck.

If you have read my other books most of them have grandmothers in them. I know it is because my grandmother was my heroine, and excuse me but heroine always looks like heroin to me. Ha. It is also obvious that I can’t write very professionally at least not in my blogs. I don’t take myself too seriously; which may not be that good, but I do like humor too. Now if I can get WordPress to, for God’s sake, not make it so ridiculously hard for me to save a password without having to put in a damned code thing every time I try to log in, I will post more. And please Grammarly leave me alone!



I have offered Sins of Our Mothers, Daddy’s Girl and American Horror Stories free for five days in the past several months. I don’t know if everyone knows but when people read your books on Amazon kindle you do get payments even if the book was free. I will not retire to Cancun on the earnings but at least I am making some money on my books. Most important is I believe Sins of Our Mothers, Daddy’s Girl and Saying Goodbye to Grandma will help other people.

American Horror Stories and American Ghost Stories, are just entertaining. Although they are not everyone’s cup of tea, I do like it when there is good endings in bad scenarios. Well usually anyway. Thanks to those who have purchased, read and reviewed. On to write another one that is in my head, and surprisingly it is a whole different genre.

Okay, the new time for the watercolor workshop at Dunlap United Church will be September 10th at 5 until 7 ish. We are providing, veggie and fruit pizza and probably meat roll-ups. The cost is $30 and it is a fundraiser for our Witness Outreach, Nurture committee, aka WON. I will post a photo fo what we will be painting. We will have a limit of no more than 15 so let us know as soon as you can. It will be a good time and it is open to others not just our church.

Do you think I can find photos from last year that I put on a disk for church? No!! I have had them on my computer and facebook page for a year, now they are gone!

Okay, I know we have all heard of writer’s block and probably have had it at one time or another. For me, it is artist’s block. Lately, everything that I paint I am not satisfied with. This is not a new thing for me, but it is lasting a little too long. I think that, or anyway, I tell my students and other artists, that is when you need to just keep pressing on. I call those times a growth spurt. If you don’t give up and just keep working through it, you will continue to get better. I just keep telling myself that. I tried to challenge myself and instead I think I have just frustrated myself instead. I think I will just watch Netflix and take a break instead of driving myself crazy instead. Or I could go through more of my memoirs that are getting edited, then I will go watch Netfix! ha.