First, I am a Christian but I believe that there are other paths to the one true God. I am married to my best friend, who is the love of my life. I am a mother, grandmother and I can’t believe that I am now a great-grandmother too. I am an artist, teacher, and writer. I started out illustrating a children’s book called, “Mimi’s Tales”, written by Suzy Raffensperger. It is a good book for children who have been bullied, (Who hasn’t been?) and for adults too who have suffered from abuse and or low self-esteem.
After writing that book I got the courage to write a short story book for adults about ghosts. It is called “American Ghost Stories”. After the positive response I got from that book, I wrote two other full-length novels, “ Goodbye Norman Rockwell,” which is about a family suffering from addictions and dysfunction and the eventual recovery of the wife, who learns how to be a better person, and mother.
“Healing Spirits and Living with the Dead”, was a fun novel to write about an artist, (imagine that) who moves into an art center that used to be a funeral home. She learns that there is more to our physical lives here on this earth. She comes to believe that maybe her Native American grandmother just might know a lot more about life than she does.
“American Ghost Stories II” is another short story ghost book that I published not too long ago. I am pretty proud of that one too. I hate to admit that I love writing about the paranormal, but I also write other things, including a children’s book called “Saying Goodbye to Grandma”.
I wrote this book to help children and parents deal with the feelings of grief and pain of losing someone they love. It is written from a Christian perspective but can be modified to other religious beliefs. Emily loves her grandmother and is really confused and angry when the grandmother that she used to be able to play with, and bake cookies with, is no longer able to spend as much time with her. She has to learn the cruel reality that all living things must eventually die. Her parents and her grandmother help her and themselves with the feelings about the eventual loss of her grandmother.