I have to remind myself that we need to just stay in one day at a time. When this quarantine seems like we may be locked up forever, it is important to remember that, and also to be grateful. It is hard for me when I have so much to be grateful for, not to worry about those who are really struggling. I think about the children who are hungry, parents who are trying to get by without working, and all that goes with it. This is the time when we need to focus on doing what we need to help those who need help more than we do. If it only means staying home and not putting others at risk, that is enough. How about pregnant women and children? We have a grandbaby and great-grandbaby due within months. We want them all to be safe too.

I did not live at a time when people were quarantined in our country. Many of us haven’t. This is not a new thing. It is scary, but our ancestors have dealt with it before.  We were told that the elderly with health conditions were the ones at risk. Now we hear that even young people are dying. That is scary. The stress is hard on everybody. I think of domestic violence and child abuse too. If you are feeling out of control, afraid that you may lose it and hurt a child or a spouse, reach out for help. No one will judge you. Please do that instead of taking your fears or frustrations out on someone else. Pray for everyone, and be kind. God bless us all. Hopefully, there will be a silver lining in all of this.