Daddy’s Girl I can’t believe that Sins of Our Mothers is now available as an audiobook. Sales are going better than I anticipated. Thanks to Dani George who is a phenomenal narrator. Because she is so busy she can’t do another one for me until October and has recommended another great narrator, Michelle Rachelle. She is surprisingly enough an Indiana girl too. That was a very cool coincidence. I have already read her sample of Daddy’s Girl and am excited to know it will be available in a couple of months. Once she has it done it has to go through all the other processes but it shouldn’t be long.

I am waiting on a friend from childhood who is reading my book now to see what he thinks of it and how he remembers the family. It is always scary having someone who knows you read your story. It is one thing to have a stranger read it, someone who doesn’t know you, and another to have someone who does know you read your secrets. So far everyone has been very compassionate and caring. Not long after it was published a guy I went all through school with saw me at our high school reunion and he said the first thing he wanted to do was give me a hug. It really made me feel cared about. He said we never know what someone else is going through when we are young. Thanks Mike Shaefer. Anyway, “Daddy’s Girl” is a novel. It is about sexual abuse, addiction, and incest, and recovery.

I started this short story , “Daddy’s Girl,” because of a writer’s prompt. I have no idea what the prompt was anymore, but in the beginning I couldn’t stand the sanctimonious little snot, Chris. She thought she was so much better than Jake, who I really liked. He is a hot, landscaper, who is impressed by Chris and her education. As I continued writing the story, I began to see why, Chris was the way she was, and the whole story took on another twist. The story makes most people uncomfortable, but it is a lot more common than people want to believe. That is it for tonight. I have to work on my sequel to The Making of a Multiple Personality before bed. Good night all.