I have gotten over the sting of rejection from the Spring Art show. I remember what my good friend Steve Blackburn said about rejections. He said that rejections made him grow more than wins and acceptances. I am paraphrasing that, ha, I am not that good at quotes. He said it made him more determined to improve his art. Since he is internationally known and I studied under him, I really honor what he says. I also have to say that there is a lot of great art in the show and there is also some great art that has been rejected so I am in good company. I am proud of my two students who got in the show and I bask in their happiness. It is a wonderful feeling to get accepted. It is great to get awards too. But that is not why I do art. I do art because it is who I am. I love art. It is an escape for me and an expression of what I love and feel. So on to more expression, not only in painting but also in words. It is funny because where I paint things that are from beautiful subjects, be it people, flowers landscapes houses and whatever, my writing has a tendency to be dark. Go figure. Anyway, that is enough pontificating for today!