I have offered Sins of Our Mothers, Daddy’s Girl and American Horror Stories free for five days in the past several months. I don’t know if everyone knows but when people read your books on Amazon kindle you do get payments even if the book was free. I will not retire to Cancun on the earnings but at least I am making some money on my books. Most important is I believe Sins of Our Mothers, Daddy’s Girl and Saying Goodbye to Grandma will help other people.

American Horror Stories and American Ghost Stories, are just entertaining. Although they are not everyone’s cup of tea, I do like it when there is good endings in bad scenarios. Well usually anyway. Thanks to those who have purchased, read and reviewed. On to write another one that is in my head, and surprisingly it is a whole different genre.


Okay, the new time for the watercolor workshop at Dunlap United Church will be September 10th at 5 until 7 ish. We are providing, veggie and fruit pizza and probably meat roll-ups. The cost is $30 and it is a fundraiser for our Witness Outreach, Nurture committee, aka WON. I will post a photo fo what we will be painting. We will have a limit of no more than 15 so let us know as soon as you can. It will be a good time and it is open to others not just our church.

Do you think I can find photos from last year that I put on a disk for church? No!! I have had them on my computer and facebook page for a year, now they are gone!

Okay, I know we have all heard of writer’s block and probably have had it at one time or another. For me, it is artist’s block. Lately, everything that I paint I am not satisfied with. This is not a new thing for me, but it is lasting a little too long. I think that, or anyway, I tell my students and other artists, that is when you need to just keep pressing on. I call those times a growth spurt. If you don’t give up and just keep working through it, you will continue to get better. I just keep telling myself that. I tried to challenge myself and instead I think I have just frustrated myself instead. I think I will just watch Netflix and take a break instead of driving myself crazy instead. Or I could go through more of my memoirs that are getting edited, then I will go watch Netfix! ha.

   I cannot stand Lena Dunham, and she is not doing Hillary any favors by endorsing her. Lena is a child molester and molested her little sister for years and acts like it is funny and she turns my stomach. Then there is Donald Trump there is no way I would vote for that disgusting liar, hot-headed ego maniac. Unfortunately, if we vote for an independent Trump will win. So we are between a rock and a hard place.
I have always respected Dr. James Dobson but was horrified when he said that Donald Trump is a baby Christian and it sounds like he thinks we should vote for him because he is a Republican and better than the alternative. No way!!! I am so disgusted with politics and  am really disgusted by so much right now I can’t even think rationally.


Yes, My dad passed yesterday. I tried to talk to him a couple of years ago but he wouldn’t talk. I made my peace with him. I told him that I loved him and that he would always be my dad and he said that I was his hija. We both cried but he didn’t want to talk and I know why. I will always love him. He was barely 16 when I was born, and was living with my mother and who was supposed to be my father, Shannon. He was just a kid, brought up from the border of Mexico. He had no father, and a mother that was to put it bluntly a mess. She was beautiful, arrogant, bitter and a bad mother. She was angry to be left pregnant with her 6th child in poverty. Her husband, who she was divorced from died and left her with nothing in the tailend of the depression. My father and his brother who were the older ones would go to their paternal grandmother’s and get food and they ran the streets. The younger ones were at home with their mother when she was there. Aunt MInnie mothered the younger ones. Their first language was Spanish, my father came up north to a new land where he was treated with hostility and fear. At that time there were very few Hispanics here. Shannon treated him as a son and my mother treated him, well she was pregnant for me with my 15-year-old father. I will put it that way. Shannon was in denial about it and loved my brother and I as his own. I felt a secret alliance with my father, because on some level I knew he was my dad. He was brutal and terrifying, but I loved him. I still love him and always will. I know on some level he loved me too, but his loyalty to my mother was stronger. She made him choose between her and I. When she died, I felt relief, she couldn’t hurt me anymore, at least not physically, but her hatred and rage affected our entire family. She influenced everyone around her, my kids her kids and my father. Rip in peace Poppy. I will always love you.
I don’t usually write this bluntly on facebook, but I feel the need to let people that love me and care about me know how deeply this has affected me, and as you know, I write, I write I write and I bleed out on paper.

I have gotten over the sting of rejection from the Spring Art show. I remember what my good friend Steve Blackburn said about rejections. He said that rejections made him grow more than wins and acceptances. I am paraphrasing that, ha, I am not that good at quotes. He said it made him more determined to improve his art. Since he is internationally known and I studied under him, I really honor what he says. I also have to say that there is a lot of great art in the show and there is also some great art that has been rejected so I am in good company. I am proud of my two students who got in the show and I bask in their happiness. It is a wonderful feeling to get accepted. It is great to get awards too. But that is not why I do art. I do art because it is who I am. I love art. It is an escape for me and an expression of what I love and feel. So on to more expression, not only in painting but also in words. It is funny because where I paint things that are from beautiful subjects, be it people, flowers landscapes houses and whatever, my writing has a tendency to be dark. Go figure. Anyway, that is enough pontificating for today!


First, I am a Christian but I believe that there are other paths to the one true God. I am married to my best friend, who is the love of my life. I am a mother, grandmother and I can’t believe that I am now a great-grandmother too. I am an artist, teacher, and writer. I started out illustrating a children’s book called, “Mimi’s Tales”, written by Suzy Raffensperger. It is a good book for children who have been bullied, (Who hasn’t been?) and for adults too who have suffered from abuse and or low self-esteem.
After writing that book I got the courage to write a short story book for adults about ghosts. It is called “American Ghost Stories”. After the positive response I got from that book, I wrote two other full-length novels, “ Goodbye Norman Rockwell,” which is about a family suffering from addictions and dysfunction and the eventual recovery of the wife, who learns how to be a better person, and mother.
“Healing Spirits and Living with the Dead”, was a fun novel to write about an artist, (imagine that) who moves into an art center that used to be a funeral home. She learns that there is more to our physical lives here on this earth. She comes to believe that maybe her Native American grandmother just might know a lot more about life than she does.
“American Ghost Stories II” is another short story ghost book that I published not too long ago. I am pretty proud of that one too. I hate to admit that I love writing about the paranormal, but I also write other things, including a children’s book called “Saying Goodbye to Grandma”.
I wrote this book to help children and parents deal with the feelings of grief and pain of losing someone they love. It is written from a Christian perspective but can be modified to other religious beliefs. Emily loves her grandmother and is really confused and angry when the grandmother that she used to be able to play with, and bake cookies with, is no longer able to spend as much time with her. She has to learn the cruel reality that all living things must eventually die. Her parents and her grandmother help her and themselves with the feelings about the eventual loss of her grandmother.